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????The Top 10 Fat Burning Foods!! ????



Is this real life?

Almost anything we eat will cause us to use energy to digest it. Some very processed foods or concentrated food like juice, take very little energy and enter our blood stream very quickly. More complex foods or food a with high percentage of protein, take more energy to digest.????

Spices and caffeine containing foods can often raise metabolism slightly and temporarily. Black coffee, green tea, and chili spices are an example of this.

For a food to actually use body fat, it would have to take more energy to digest it than is actually in the food. We have no evidence of this in any of the food lists provided. We use a very small amount of energy digesting food.

What causes weight loss or weight gain isn’t just what we eat, but what we eat in COMPARISON to how much energy we use. It’s a balance, and isn’t dictated by any one meal, it is driven by habits.

You could sit on your couch  all day and lose weight if you ate fewer calories than you used on the couch. On the other hand, you could gain weight while training for a marathon ????????‍if you were eating more than what you used.

You may lose weight eating the foods on these lists, but let’s attribute it to the right reason!

Instead of getting hung up on which food or supplement can help you burn an extra 50 calories, I think it is more helpful to see the big picture and get your body moving early in the day, often throughout the day, and use food as an energy and repair source!

And for the love of all that is holy, stop liking these ridiculous “fat burning foods” click-bait posts. ????

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