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MOVE is a 30-day movement program, hosted in the the month of November!

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New workouts

provided in full-length exercise videos and written format. You can do the workouts at home or at the gym.

Weekly Motivating Videos

Weekly videos from peers and professionals

Accountability and support

In the online community

A monthly calendar

So you can track your progress and measure your success.



At least one set of dumbbells (or some kind of resistance.)
A chair, bench, or stool
If you have a loop band or mini band, they will be helpful, but these are not mandatory!
Deep Dive Videos

Take a weekly deep dive and learn from exercise science professionals. You will get support from coaches, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists!

Exercise Videos & Written Workouts

Workout with us 5 times a week. You will have two trainers this year: Me (Monique Middlekauff, PhD) and Sutter Wyatt, DPT. Together we will guide you through each workout. We will provide tips and strategies each day, along with modifications for common concerns. You can follow along through the full-length videos or use the written workouts and complete them at your own pace.

E-book- MOVE Guide

The e-book is intended to guide you through each day. You will find the calendar with the focus for each day, and specifics for each workout.

Workout Details

It helps to know what you’re getting into! We will workout every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Your videos will be available in advance so you can change the pattern if you need to, based on your schedule. You can also pick your exercise time and modify any exercise that you need to.

Week Focus
1 Upper Body 2x, Lower Body 2x, Cardio and Mobility
2 Total Body 2x, Core & Back 1x, Agility 1x, Cardio and Mobility
3 Upper Body 2x, Lower Body 2x, Cardio and Mobility
4 Total Body 2x, Core & Back 1x, Agility 1x, Cardio and Mobility
5 Core and Final Challenge

Daily Focus


Day Focus
Monday Upper Body Strength
Tuesday Lower Body Strength
Wednesday You Pick: Yoga / Mobility, or Cardio
Thursday Rest
Friday Upper Body Strength
Saturday Lower Body Strength
Sunday Rest and Recover


Monthly or Yearly

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