Level 2


I am so glad that you’ve decided to join me as you work on your health. We are in this together, and I’ll be working on my health right along with you.

Video 1: Upper Body Strength

Are you ready to build strength in your upper body? We are raising the intensity and focusing our efforts on the waist up!

Video 2: Lower Body Strength

Together we will work strengthening our lower body. We will use a lot of calories as we move our biggest muscles.

Video 3: Cardio & Agility

Our aerobic capacity greatly impacts our energy levels! The more we move, the better we feel.

Together we will work on raising our heart rate and condition our body to be more efficient.

Video 4: Core & Balance

Let’s challenge our core muscles and our balance. 

A strong core provides support for movement, and can help to improve our balance.

Video 5: Hustle

We are going to move fast. If you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t need to skip your workout.

Suggested Workout Calendar Level 2

1Upper Body StrengthRESTCardio & AgilityLower Body Strength RESTCore & StabilityREST
2Upper Body StrengthRESTCardio & AgilityRESTLower Body StrengthHustleREST
3Upper Body StrengthLower Body StrengthRESTCardio & AgilityCore & StabilityHustleREST
4Upper Body StrengthLower Body StrengthMobilityCardio & AgilityCore & StabilityHustleREST
5Upper Body StrengthLower Body Strength60 Minutes Cardio of Your ChoiceRESTCore & StabilityCardio & Agility REST
6Upper Body StrengthLower Body StrengthMobilityCardio & AgilityCore & StabilityHustleREST

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